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Sites, Smells & Sounds 

In 2019, we purchased a 6x8 concession trailer off Craigslist with the hopes of offering unique hot dog options. This venture couldn't just be a typical hot dog stand but an unforgettable experience. As a die hard baseball fan from chicago, baseball and hot dogs are the ultimate combination for a fun food truck theme. I noticed a need for food at sporting events and little leagues but I wanted there to be more to our little trailer. I decided to add a small wiffle ball stadium to the back for the spectators and it was a big hit! 


Today, Moonshots has evolved into Moonshots stadium on wheels and provides delicious stadium food on a 17' food truck. all menu items have been carefully chosen for speed, quality and efficiency. The objective is to provide your guest with a fun stadium atmosphere right at their doorstep. The exterior of the truck draws in the crowds with its light up marque, Menu scoreboard and inflatable home run derby in the back. The speakers provide the ambience of being at the game along with posable social media snapshots around the truck. The menu features foot long or 6 inch all beef Chicago style or Chili Cheese hot dogs, Sharable Clubhouse NAchos, Buttery soft dugout pretzels, Fresh Lemonade, Hot Chocolate and Soft serve vanilla ice cream served in a baseball helmet. Each order receives a custom Moonshots Gumball to go with Cracker Jacks, Peanuts or Sunflower seeds. Drinks include Coca Cola, Root beer and Water. 

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