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Profits & Efficiency 

The joys of going into business for yourself is very exciting but it needs to fit into your lifestyle and make you money. WE tested and created a proven model of an efficient food truck with menu items ranging from 60-80% profit margins. Your truck will be able to operate any size events using a 2-3 man crew with a typical event lasting 2-4 hours. Food trucks are one of the most profitable, flexible and cost efficient ways to make a living. Each menu item can be cooked or pre-packaged to get out the door immediately with eye catching presentation. All equipment is electric with no hassle filling propane, ranges/hoods, fire, grease or oil. New Truck packages include battery operated power while used truck packages run on generator power. All trucks will feature generators built into your truck with a gas line pulling directly from the trucks gas tank. All of these features allows for quick set up and clean up times. 

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