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One Team, Win Together

If we play as a team we will win as a team. AS soon as you sign the dotted line and officially become a Stadium On Wheels Franchise owner we begin to build a winning strategy for you. First, by decking you out with some great Stadium On Wheels gear to sport on and off the truck. next we will go through the truck build out, operations manual and schedule your on-site training. WE will then go over all the permitting & certificates you will need to operate your new truck. After your permits are in place we will go over your territory and create a game plan for potential cliental as well as helping you book your first 3 months worth of events. Last, we will provide an inspection of your new truck and plan out your grand opening/marketing strategy. We feel the best way to grow the stadium on wheels brand is to listen to all of our owners. If you have questions, concerns or think you have a better way to operate then we are all ears! It's time to shoot for the moon, are you in?
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